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New Thinking

Steve Wozniak recently said that the iPad was the computer that Steve Jobs always wanted to create.

It is a compter for normal people, and it took a lot of steps to get to a place where such a device could work. In movies, motion graphics designers are often asked to conjure up the interfaces of the future. Looking back, some of the results can be quite comical, while others may be a sign of things to come.

My point is that often times, the same imagination that fuels technology can be limited by it as well. In the case of the iPad, technologies in a number of different fields all had to progress to a certain point before such a product was feasible. In terms of user interfaces, only with a confluence of user input devices, software development, and processing power can significant advances be made.

Until we reach those points of radical departure, it is up to the users of the current technologies to continually push what is in front of them. We can’t simply wait for revolution, we must strive to enable it.