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CHHSM Launch and Lessons

With the launch of the brand new, I have had some time to reflect on what worked and what was learned from that process. Overall, the website was a huge success, the client was happy, and our team really pulled together to deliver a great product.

As with any process, however, there is always room for growth. The biggest lesson I learned from this particular site was managing priorities. With our launch date fast approaching, Signal Hill had to make some critical decisions to ensure that this new site was the best that it could be. We had to make sure that the biggest features received our attention, while things that were less visible were held on to for a later, version two launch.

This is an important lesson because the web enables us to create things in near real time, so there is no need to limit ourselves to large, expensive releases. Rather, the web enables us to create living documents that can grow and evolve over time, and that is something to take advantage of in planning for a website.

This new site represents a foundation for CHHSM and Signal Hill to build off of and grow from together, and that is exactly what we plan on doing.