is the design of kevin kennedy

An Adventure Artifact

After my second year of college at the University of Oregon, my mom got transferred to Germany. As my school year was coming to a close, she asked if I would like to come stay with her for the summer, and it didn’t take me long to accept.

I ended up living there for a year, and was able to visit several countries during that time. One of the most interesting places I got to go was Moscow. In school I had always been enamored with Russian Constructivism, and here I was surrounded by it. In several of the markets one could find posters, pins, and other items, but this watch really caught my eye. Politics aside, I loved the bold graphic branding of the piece, and to this day all it needs is a good winding to start ticking away.

Who knows if this piece is real, it doesn’t really matter, I love it because it reminds me of my time in Moscow with my mother.